This game was a submission to the MyFarms Game Jam II - Feb 2014

Entry by Sean Knutson

Crouching Farmer, Hidden Bacon

Based on the classic Win95 puzzle game, Rodent's Revenge. (If you're not familiar, you'll probably want to educate yourself:


As a pig farmer, you understand that the demand for bacon is on the rise, but your formerly fine hogs have turned against you, itching to trample you at a moment's notice! Fortunately, you came up with a pretty ingenious way to corral them, using your ready supply of hay bales. (Because what else do you do when you're a farmer??)

Just push the hay bales around a bit to blockade the pigs until they can't move. Once you've caught them all, it's bacon time!

Clever farmer that you are, that's not the only trick up your sleeve - you also invested in a large straw hat. Why? To evade the pigs' evil stampede, you conceal yourself with it, because it looks a bit like a hay bale and the pigs can't tell the difference! (They're not very bright.)


Move - Arrow keys, WASD, or numpad (numpad let's you move on diagonals, which can be pretty handy)

Hide - Space


When you're under your hat, you're hidden from the view of the pigs. It's pretty funny-looking too. Try it! :)

Leave the Console tab in FireBug/Developer Tools open while you play, just for fun. ;)

Other Notes

Works best in Firefox and/or on a large screen. You may want to zoom out on the page if it doesn't all fit.

There are currently four levels, where each level spawns three rounds of pigs before proceeding to the next. I made the first three levels in increasing difficulty, and a fourth that was intended to be the last level. Some additional levels would have made the sudden change in difficulty less drastic.

When you die, refresh the page to start over.

All the bacon must be gone before proceeding to the next level. If you cannot eat the bacon, you must squish it with a hay bale instead, otherwise you will not be able to proceed.