A downloadable game for Windows

This game was a submission to the MyFarms Game Jam II - Feb 2014

Entry by Josiah Goeman


They Dwell in Depth


“They Dwell in Depth” is a cave exploration game.

How to play:

This game requires a game pad! Use left analog stick to move, right to aim the flashlight. Enemies cannot detect you when your light is off, so turn it off or dim it (right trigger) to sneak past them. Once an enemy has spotted you, turn off the light and try to lose them in the caverns! Locate the key and the exit (a keyhole). Every level is randomly generated and each consecutive level played without dying adds more enemies. Good Luck!


This game adheres to the theme “hidden” in two ways. First, the player has to find hidden keys, and second the player tries to remain hidden from the enemies.


TDID.zip 6 MB